Criollo Stallion ~ Erren

Criollo Stallion ~ Erren


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This gorgeous Criollo stallion, striking out in mid-fight, is Erren.  The buckskin with a tiny pinto marking is the star of a German book set in a world without humans where horses rule.  Erren is the Robin Hood-like pirate leader who fights against the established rule of the royals.  The princess, enamored by his strength and courage, runs away to join him, and their adventures begin!  Erren was sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn, who is known for accurately sculpting dynamic poses.  He joined the WIA line in 2022, and only 5000 were made. 

Each also comes with a removable clear stand to help support Erren in case he gets tippy.  This is a new offering from WIA and prototype photos look great.


These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.


Size:  1:18 scale, similar in size to CollectA and Schleich

Model #MK10001

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