Diamond P Western Prancing Horse Knockoff, Bay

Diamond P Western Prancing Horse Knockoff, Bay

Diamond P - Hong Kong

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This is a high-quality knockoff of the Breyer Western Prancer mold made by a company known in the US as Diamond P from Hong Kong.  Diamond P made knockoff versions of several Breyer and Hartland models.  I haven't been able to find the company's actual name - The name we use is derived from their mold mark - or production dates, but given the molds they copied, I would expect most come from the 1950s - 1960s.  Early ones were made of heavier plastic than newer ones, more closely copying Breyer models, and were likely made of the same, or similar, material.  They are a fun addition to a conga, showing the wild history of our hobby.

This neat guy is in Very Good condition with lots of rubs and some marks.  He's done chalky-style with a white basecoat, and is one that was made of a heavier plastic than more modern knockoffs.  I expect he's a fairly early one.  He's actually a really neat fellow.


Size: 9" H

Model #661

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