Exmoor Pony ~ Trifle, First Edition (Kickstarter)

Exmoor Pony ~ Trifle, First Edition (Kickstarter)


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Copperfox created this sculpt to represent the amazing Exmoor pony breed, which has unique conformation traits to help them survive in the harsh climate of Britain's moors in winter:  They have heavy, hooded eyelids to protect their eyes from the cold, thick tails to protect them from the wind, and of course, primitive coloring, and rugged little bodies with plenty of mischievous attitude.  She is sculpted as a pregnant mare, something we almost never see in the model horse world.

This release on the Exmoor is Trifle, star of a series of books by Victoria Eveleigh.   Two editions were produced:  The public (2nd) edition was available from Copperfox and Triple Mountain - It had grey eye rings and muzzle highlights, and came with a copy of the book.  This girl is the First Edition, with more realistic face coloring (no grey highlights).  The First Edition was sold through kickstarter.com to help  raise money to produce their first retail runs.  She came with a hand-written COA card from Copperfox's owner Becky giving quantity of this First Edition run as 410 pieces, with a date of 11/8/2015.

This is one of the prettiest paint jobs I've seen on this release! She is Near Mint with a few pinpoint rubs and specks, and she also has some painting and sanding flaws that result in "edge lines" showing on her back and under her barrel. She displays really beautifully, with at least three different colors of shading making up her coat, gentle blending among them, and a beautifully shaded face.


Model #CF608

Model Size:  Approx. 12" Long, 9" tall

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