Folding Flying Disc - Breyerfest 2004, Fiesta Equina

Folding Flying Disc - Breyerfest 2004, Fiesta Equina


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These souvenirs from Breyerfest 2004 are super hard to find!  A six-inch nylon pouch with the words "Breyerfest Fiesta Equina 2004 - 15th Anniversary" holds a 10" disc that pops open as you remove it.  The brightly colored disc is a collapsible frisbee.  It is also made of nylon with plastic inside the rim that twists to fold the disc easily into quarters so it will slide back into the pouch, almost like magic.

Whether you give it a throw or hang it in on a wall with your Breyer collection, this is a really neat, hard-to-find piece of Breyerfest history that will set you apart as a true aficionado!  I bet the addition of one of these to a Collector's Class entry of Breyerfest models will get more attention than many of the models!

Here is a video showing me (not so gracefully) opening one with one hand while holding the camera:

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