Galiceno, Bay

Galiceno, Bay


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The sweet little Galiceno is one of Breyer's least-used molds.  Many thought the mold had been lost or destroyed after this release, as once this cute bay was discontinued in 1982, it was 12 years before the mold was used again!  This is the original release for the mold, a true bay with black points and no white.

This fellow is in Excellent to Near Mint with pinpoint eartip and nostril rubs, a couple of pinpoint rubs on her left hip and a pinpoint rub in her right eye that looks like a reflection dot. She's in need of a bath to remove some dirt and sticker residue on her back.  Soapy water should do the trick, as it started coming off when I rubbed it gently.  She features a true matte coat with soft highlights.  No USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #100

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