Horse Lot by Imperial Toy Co

Horse Lot by Imperial Toy Co


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Imperial Toy Co. was a California, USA, based rubber model distributor from 1969-2020.  They are best known for their articulated Godzilla toy, but imported over 900 different models.  This group is put together from their horse line, and includes three adults and three foals.

They are all in typical condition, with some rubs and marks, and the usual paint style for Imperial.  With Imperial closed, they are a fun addition to any display herd.

NOTE:  Some of Imperial's early toys included lead-based paint.  There is no list of which did and which didn't.  Lead is only harmful if ingested, so displaying models with lead paint is not a concern, but they should be kept out of reach of children and pets that might put them into their mouths.


Size: average 5" tall

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