Horse-Opoly Game with Original Box

Horse-Opoly Game with Original Box


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This great board game was produced by Late For The Sky beginning in 2007.  It has lots of interesting takes on property-trading games.  In Horse-Opoly, the properties are different horse breeds, and their property cards tell you about the breed.  You collect breeds, charge rent for those who want to "ride" and build stables to increase the rent.  Just beware that you don't thrown by a bucking bronco or sent to the trailer!  This game is great fun for horse lovers of all ages, and it (including all its parts) was made in the USA.

This item is hard to rate…  The "bales of straw and stables" (equivalent to houses and hotels) are unopened!  The dice and tokens are still in their original plastic bag (opened).  The money, tokens, die, cards, and plastic insert all appear to be Near Mint.  The game was stored someplace humid, though, resulting in patches of brown discoloration on the board and box.  I'd recommend wiping it with a cloth dampened with a bleach-water mixture to insure there are no mold spores surviving.  It currently has a slight odor from having been in storage before arriving here, but it has mainly dissipated after being open here for the day.  It will be wrapped here, so that may build up again, but should dissipate once it's unwrapped and out in open air for a while.  This set is still great for play and even for display.

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