Horse Rack - Stablemate Size - No More Dominoes!

Horse Rack - Stablemate Size - No More Dominoes!

Triple Mountain Model Horses

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Made in the USA by Jeremy and his daughter Kristen, Horse Racks™ are the best thing since model horses! 

Each rack is made of hard plastic (non-toxic, biodegradable PLA) with soft FDA-grade vinyl sleeves to protect your horses' fragile finishes.  Horse Racks are perfect for keeping your horses safe at shows and at home.  Each rack holds six models of just about every shape and size, as they can be stretched or shrunk to fit to each model, from ponies to draft horses, all on the same rack. 

When not in use, they fold down accordion-style to a small size (approx 6"x5"x3") and you can even remove the uprights to make them smaller.  This makes them perfect for slipping into your show tote! 

Each genuine Horse Rack bears the Horse Rack logo - a small white horse head in the center - so you know you've got the real deal:  The only rack designed and manufactured FOR model horses BY model horse collectors.  These may seem a bit pricey for their size, but they're designed to last, and should protect your horses for decades.  That's cheap insurance for your special models.  Horse Racks are trusted by collectors around the world - We've sold hundreds!

We frequently sell out, so if we're out of the one you're looking for, you can be sure more are on the way as fast as they can make them!


Size:  This size is designed to fit Stablemate-sized models of all brands.

(If you're looking for the Traditional and Classic size, it's right here.)


[Horses not included.  First image shows two racks.  Packaging may vary.]

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