Huckleberry Bey ~ Wassail Surprise - Sparkling Red

Huckleberry Bey ~ Wassail Surprise - Sparkling Red


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2023's Christmas Surprise was on Huck Bey, who was shipped Gambler's Choice style to each lucky Colelctor's Club purchaser.  They were made in two colors and two styles each:  Sparkly green (with and without filigree) and sparkly red (with and without filigree), plus 24 charcoal "Coal" models.  The total run was 2624, so if the other four are divided equally, that makes 650 of each.  The Christmas Surprise models always go up in value over time, so he's likely to become a great investment!

This is the gorgeous sparkly red, looking like a vintage Christmas ornament.  Pcitures don't do him justice - His sparkliness gives him beautiful depth and richness.  He is Factory Mint with a tiny smudge in the paint on his right front hoof and a few specks in his finish as always. He's gorgeous and sparkly, with bright whites.  He comes with his original base, also still in Factory Mint condition.  Please note, his hoof hole is really small, so we didn't try to force the base on any further than pictured.  

Solid steel bases are available separately here for a more solid solution to displaying him, and our newest bases were sized to accommodate smaller holes like his.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712519

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