Ideal Quarter Horse ~ Offspring of Go Man Go

Ideal Quarter Horse ~ Offspring of Go Man Go


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Go Man Go has been called the Man O' War of Quarter Horses.  Not only was he blazingly fast, he was just as hard to train and ride as the famous Thoroughbred.    His trainer once said he was "jes plain mean as a bear most of the time."  At his first race, he decided he was being held in the gate too long waiting for it to start, so he threw his rider, broke down the gate, and galloped around the entire track before he was rounded up.  Even after running nearly a mile on his own, when he was loaded back into the gate and the race actually started... He went on to win!  When the strawberry roan stallion retired at age seven, he held two world records.  He became a highly sought after stud and his name can be found in the pedigrees of many Quarter Horses today.

[Go Man Go; image source: Pinterest]

Fourth in the series of "progeny" models by Breyer, This fellow represents an offspring of Go Man Go. This series of models originally came with a mock AQHA registration application that you could use to register your model.  The horses were made to look similar to their sire, but slightly different, making them plausible as a son or daughter of that famous horse.  This one is a dark strawberry roan like his sire, and sports a similar blaze, along with diagonal coronets.  He was only produced in 1998.

This fellow is Near Mint with no rubs or marks seen, only mild age yellowing in his blaze and socks, which you can reverse with a couple days of sunbathing. He features a very speckly coat, muzzle pinking, and neat shading in his tail. He even comes with his unused "AQHA registration form."


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #721

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