Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 16 No. 5, 1989, Nov/Dec

Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 16 No. 5, 1989, Nov/Dec


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Read up on your favorite models, the horses that inspired them, and other hobby information.  Most is just as relevant and interesting today as the day it was published!

This issue features:

  • The Children's Pony Program
  • Return of the Legend
  • Hands on at Chincoteague
  • Small But Grand - The Pony
  • Newcomer's Corner: The Mane Event - Hairing Your Models
  • Ten Commandments for Live Showers
  • The Careful Shopper's Guide to Buying Reworked Model Horses
  • 2nd Annual Canadian Classic Live Show Results
  • Sneak Preview: Pony for Keeps Gift Set
  • 1989 International Model Horse Congress Results
  • Book Reviews: Draw Horses with Sam Savitt and Draw 50 Horses
  • Secretariat: The Sudden, Tragic Death of a Legendary Horse
  • Breyer on the Move
  • Vintage Point: Black Pinto Shetland Pony, Bay Cantering Welsh Pony, Pony of the Americas


  [Triple Mountain stock images used.  Issue info courtesy of identifyyourbreyer.com]

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