Lady Roxana - Prancing Arabian Mare, Chestnut

Lady Roxana - Prancing Arabian Mare, Chestnut


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This pretty chestnut color on the Lady Roxana mold, rich chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, three socks, and shaded muzzle was only a two-year release, discontinued in 1989.  All of this release is made from "shrinky plastic."

She's in Near Mint with only a pinpoint rub on her left knee, a couple of pinpoint hoof edge rubs, a pinpoint rub over her left eye, and a tiny unpainted spot under her belly.  She's a shrinky, of course, (all of this release is) and a cute one!  She features bright whites, a lighter muzzle and soft highlights.  What a pretty girl!


Size:  Traditional
Breyer Model #426
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