Legionario, Custom Perlino by Janice Flynn

Legionario, Custom Perlino by Janice Flynn


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This beautifully executed perlino color (which is super challenging on a model!) was painted by well-known artist Janice Flynn.  He has soft dorsal and body shading, with a shaded mane and tail, blue eyes, and muzzle pinking.  His ears and feet have been carved, and he features shaded hooves. 

That said, he needs some cleaning or restoration to be show-worthy:  He has a purple hairline mark from his back to his left elbow and a scattering of other tiny and pinpoint marks.   His finish appears good and solid, so they may clean off with a careful bath.  He is signed "Janice Flynn 18" inside his left hind leg.


Size:  Traditional

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