Museum Putty - Keeps Your Ponies Upright!

Museum Putty - Keeps Your Ponies Upright!

Quake Hold

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QuakeHold Museum Putty is the best product you can buy for keeping your models on their feet.  If you live with pets or children, near rumbling traffic, or yes, in an earthquake-prone area, you probably worry often about tippy models starting the domino-effect.  Breakage could cost you a fortune.  Museum Putty can prevent that!

Museum Putty is non-toxic, non-staining, clean and easy to use.  It is easy to apply, removes cleanly, and can be re-used over and over for years!  We often use it as a prop when photographing tippy models and the same small ball is still soft and workable after all this time.

Obviously, every situation is different, so no guarantees come with the product, but a pea-sized nub pressed onto the bottom of one hoof and then onto a shelf is generally enough to keep most models secure.  For very tippy models, two or more hooves may need some putty for added safety.  Each 2.64oz (75g) package comes with instructions.

There's a rock quarry less than a mile from Triple Mountain's office, and when they blast, everything shakes here.  Eleda's collection, which includes Pacers, Tennessee Walkers, and the dreaded domino-inducing Hanoverians, has remained safe since we discovered Museum Putty several years ago, even during an extremely rare 4.0 magnitude earthquake we had in 2013!  Not even a Pacer shifted!

One package of putty will do more than 40 hooves.  Now that's cheap insurance!

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