Mustang Stallion, Chestnut Pinto - Deluxe 1:12 Scale Model IN BOX

Mustang Stallion, Chestnut Pinto - Deluxe 1:12 Scale Model IN BOX


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This handsome Mustang stallion sports a light palomino coat with shaded mane and tail, hind socks and a stripe.   He has not been available in the US since 2016, but we've found an international retailer that we can get them from.  It costs us more to bring them in from overseas, but we want US collectors to have the opportunity to add them to their herds!

They are made from the same material as the smaller CollectAs and Schleich models.  Be aware that a trademark of this scale for CollectA is that they're a little narrow behind the shoulder. 

A note about size:  This line is larger than Breyer's Classic line, which has always been advertised as 1:12 scale.  These are actually between the Traditional size and Classics.  Reference photo below is of a Breyer Classic Arabian Mare next to a CollectA 1:12 Arabian Stallion:


This fellow comes from Eleda's personal collection.  He was one of the last to come from CollectA in a box!  They discontinued using boxes in 2016, opting instead to ship models wrapped in foam sheets in plastic bags, so finding a guy these days in an unopened box is quite a feat.  I have hit max capacity in my model collection space, so I'm releasing a few select models to be rehomed.

Things to note about CollectA 1:12 scale models:  They are made of the same material as their smaller models, and at this size, they're heavy, so shipping cost reflects their shipping weight.  Also, many of the 1:12 scale models are narrow at the girthline, a result of their production process.  Because they have a little more flexibility than Breyer models, they're great for younger horse lovers to play with, while still being beautifully painted for adults to enjoy.


Size: Approx 9.5" L x 3.75" W x 8" H

Model # 88714

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