Quarter Horse Gelding ~ Two Bits - Vintage Club

Quarter Horse Gelding ~ Two Bits - Vintage Club


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The Quarter Horse Gelding mold was long-expected to be used in the Vintage Club, and he finally got his chance in 2015 with this eye-catching Leopard Appaloosa Release.  Using the same name as the original release of 1960, the VC Two Bits is done in white with black splatter spots, lower legs, mane and tail.  He wears a brown halter and the "Breyer 2015 Vintage Collectors Club" logo printed in gold on his belly.

This fellow is Near Mint, marked down solely for mild yellowing, which you can correct by letting him sunbathe for a few days.  He has a tiny smudge of spot paint on his left cheek.  He features lots of Appy spots, and his left side looks like it got a double dose… so many spots!  He even wears his VC blue ribbon sticker.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712141

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