Quarter Horse Yearling, Liver Chestnut - Bay Version - PARTIAL CHALKY!

Quarter Horse Yearling, Liver Chestnut - Bay Version - PARTIAL CHALKY!


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This is one of the three original colors for this mold, and 25 models in this color were used as prizes in Breyer's "Name The Yearling" contest in 1970.  (First prize was a real live Quarter Horse yearling!)  Liver chestnut has been discontinued since 1980.

This filly is in Excellent condition with a a couple of tiny light rubs (only through the shading layer, not to plastic) on her left hindquarter, a tiny rub on her left cheek, nostril, eartip, and hoof edge rubs.  She also has a rub inside her left hock and a hairline grey mark down the inside of that cannon which may clean off. 

She is a rare creature - A partial chalky!  She has a spattering of white paint under her body paint between her hind legs, and two rubs on her left stifle appear to show white basecoat around their edges.  Let's be clear:  She is not a complete chalky.  Her socks and blaze are raw plastic.  I have seen two other models that were partial chalkies, and she could well be the third.  What we believe happened is that her plastic was almost completely white, but had some other color mixed in, or perhaps there was a painting error, which required white basecoat to be applied under part of her body color, but not all of it.  None of her rubs except those on her stifle show white basecoat under the body paint, so if she's a partial chalky, it appears to be just a small area.  If you like mystery horses, she's the girl for you!  She's also the bay version of this release, with a black mane and tail, and she sports nostril shading and unglossed eyes.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #101

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