Sherman Morgan ~ Joker's Wild: Jack of Clubs - Only 100 Made

Sherman Morgan ~ Joker's Wild: Jack of Clubs - Only 100 Made


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With only 100 of each pattern of Joker's Wild made (and only 2 Jokers), this guy is a Grail for a lot of collectors.  They almost never come up for sale anywhere, because with this combination of rarity and beauty, once someone has one, they don't let him go.  This run was only available to members of Breyer's Connoisseur Club in 2005, and they were shipped Gambler's Choice style to members inside a velvet drawstring pouch.

This fellow is This spectacular fellow displays as Near Mint with just slight yellowing.  However, he has a flaw that's making us mark him down:  There appears to be a 1/2" hairline crack at the base of his tail.  It doesn't seem to go all the way through the plastic, and in fact, could be a hairline in the gloss, but since it catches the light, and my fingernail, I'm calling it a hairline crack.  When it is pressed, there is no movement, no sound, and it only shows when light hits at the right angle.  If you've always wanted this incredible release but couldn't afford one, this may be your best opportunity to get one at a discount that will display magnificently.  He has zero rubs, and features bright gold and mirror-like blacks with pearly whites, soft face and leg shading, and a tiny snip shaped like a club, all under a gorgeous glossy finish.  He even comes with his original velvet drawstring pouch and original, oversized Breyer cardboard shipping box!

These often sell for well over $2000 each.  Remember, we have a payment plan available.  See rules and details at the bottom of the page under "Payment Plan."


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #90133

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