Sofia & Blossom - Horse Club

Sofia & Blossom - Horse Club


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Sofia Turner is Horse Club's most creative member.  She begins almost every sentence with, "Imagine..."  She is a positive-thinker and confident that she can accomplish anything!  Sofia looks after the lovely Blossom while Blossom's owner is traveling, and they're a match made in heaven.  Sofia enjoys being cared for, having her mane brushed, and being hugged.  She's calm and thoughtful... Blossom can always tell when Sofia is daydreaming and nudge her back to reality!

Set includes Blossom with removable saddle and bridle and Sofia has a removable hat and poseable arms, knees and hips.

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.


Package Size:  5.9" L x 3.25" W x 7" H

Model #42540

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