Unicorn Colt, Snow White

Unicorn Colt, Snow White

Windstone Editions

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This cute colt imitates his sire, rearing proudly.  He features a snow-white coat with light grey shading and muzzle pinking, light blue eyes to match the light blue gemstones in his collar, and a little polished solid pewter horn that looks like sterling silver.  Made of cast gypsum, he is solid and heavy, weighing almost 1 pound (.45 kg).  He was sculpted by Melody Peña and joined the Windstone line in 2014.

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer.

[Photos of unicorn families are for reference.  Each family member is available separately at Triple Mountain.]

The black version can be found here

Size:  4.5” H x 1.5” W x 2.5” L

Model #800-Snow

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