Vincenzo, Magenta - Ltd Ed. Only 1,000 Made

Vincenzo, Magenta - Ltd Ed. Only 1,000 Made


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The lovely bowing Vincenzo mold, sculpted by Brigitte Eberl, becomes WIA's first decorator!  Done in magenta translucent plastic, he reminds us of petunia blossoms on a summer's morning.  Each also comes with a removable clear stand to help support him in case he gets tippy.  Only 1000 were produced in the summer of 2022.


These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.  Be sure to watch for his stand - It's clear and attached inside the clear package... You don't want to accidentally throw it away.


Size:  1:20 scale, similar in size to CollectA and Schleich

Model #WIA-BE-80001

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