Walking Friesian ~ Vermeer - 2020 Premier Club

Walking Friesian ~ Vermeer - 2020 Premier Club


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The Walking Friesian is a handsome new Friesian mold, ready to steal your heart.  The Premier model for this mold is Vermeer, a Friesian x Appaloosa cross.  (Personally, I'd show him as a Friesian x Knabstrupper cross.)  Vermeer is named for a Dutch Master painter, very appropriate for a Dutch breed offered in such a striking color!  He is a Leopard Appaloosa with lots of ghost spots, pinking, and a hint of pearly accents in his mane and tail to add motion to them.  He was only available to Premier Club members in the summer of 2020.

This fellow is Near Mint with some black specks in his finish as always, but enough of them for me to include them in the inspection.  He's got more color than any we've ever seen!  He was given all-over golden-buff colored "pinking," making him look almost champagne in color.  This is factory shading, not yellowing, because along his crest and around his forelock, we can see bright whites where the shading leaves off.  This gives him an overall golden aura that's rather stunning.  He comes complete with his COA (still factory packaged), faux suede drawstring pouch, full-color box, and even his cardboard shipping box.


Size:  Traditional

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