Western Pony, White w/ Snap Saddle

Western Pony, White w/ Snap Saddle


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One of the earliest in Breyer's stable, the white Western Pony was only made from around 1953-1971.  He came with a black snap-cinch saddle until 1967, and then was swapped to a grey slip-on one.

This fellow is Near Mint with some pinpoint specks in his plastic as always and some tiny hoof edge rubs.  He is still quite white, with only slight yellowing (oddly, a little more under the saddle area)  - You can sunbathe him for a week or so, if you like, to try to brighten him further, but he displays beautifully.  The paint on his molded-on tact is nearly completely intact.  He comes with his original reins, which still have a bit of a shine in some places, and his snap-cinch saddle with its cinch strap flaps folded down and glued over the rivets to protect him. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #45

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