Wixom ~ Equinox - QVC SR (Body)

Wixom ~ Equinox - QVC SR (Body)


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This beautiful release on the Cedarfarm Wixom mold is called Equinox.  She was a Special Run through QVC in 2002.  Quantity made is unknown.  She is a stunning glossy chestnut with deep shading, hind socks and a masked bald face.  She wears green and gold tail ribbons.

This pretty girl is rated as Body condition because of a belly seam split.  If you only want to display her, it's invisible on normal display, so you can get this beauty for a bargain price.  Besides that issue, she has mild age yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing her for a few days.  She shows no rubs or marks, and features beautiful shading, including on her tail and mane, under a lovely glosscoat - She's quite the looker if you can "overlook" that split.  She stood fine for us, but this mold is known to be very tippy, so we recommend


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned

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