Black Friday Sale: Will you Get 20 or Split 20?

This Black Friday weekend, we're adding a twist to the usual sale.  You have a choice! 


Triple Mountain Model Horses Black Friday Sale Event


You can either choose to "Get 20," with a 20% discount on your entire order* or you can choose to "Split 20," sharing that discount with our chosen charity:  Harvest Hills Animal Shelter!  If you choose to Split 20, you still get 10% off your entire order, and we'll give another 10% of the original order total to the animal shelter to help provide care and veterinary services to animals in need.

The choice is up to you!  Feel free to take the entire discount if it helps you, or if you don't need such a big discount, you can share it with the animals.

Tell your family and friends to shop Triple Mountain for their favorite horse lover this Black Friday weekend!


To Get 20, enter code GET20 in the discount box at checkout.

To Split 20, enter code SPLIT20 in the discount box at checkout.



Harvest Hills Animal Shelter serves 19 towns in our region.  The wonderful people there take great care of the animals that need them - Not only physically, but emotionally.  They even built a "quiet room" for animals to go for a break from the noisy shelter environment!  It has soft furniture to climb on and offers nervous animals some peace and quiet.  The shelter's bylaws state they cannot solicit for money, so fundraising events and businesses like ours are their main sources of funding.  We are proud to have such a great shelter in our area and support them whenever we can!



Sale info:

Sale runs from midnight November 29th, 2019 through 11:59pm on December 1, 2019 (Eastern US times).  Code must be entered at checkout to get sale price - We cannot add it for you retroactively.  Cannot be combined with other discounts, including Pony Points.  One code per order, but you may order as often as you like.  Multiple orders to the same address may be shipped separately during this sale, due to the volume of orders expected, but the Hold Program is still active as usual.



*shipping not included in discount.

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