Carriers to Charge More This Holiday Season

For the first time in history, carriers including the US Postal Service and UPS will be adding a surcharge on top of the regular postage for packages shipping during the holiday season.  (Booo!)   We're letting you know so that you can hopefully place your orders to ship before they begin upcharging.  If you have a Hold Herd with us, you may want to consider having it ship prior to these as well.

Here's what you need to know:


US Postal Service

  • Dates surcharge will be in effect:  October 18 - December 27
  • Surcharge:  Expected to be between $0.24 - $1.50 per package



Their info is a little confusing... It appears they plan to only surcharge packages from large businesses, but they note that everything about their surcharge plans is subject to change.  Currently, we should be exempt from the surcharge, but in the event they decide to make it applicable to smaller businesses, here is what they have on their shipping page as of this post:

  • Dates surcharge will (may) be in effect:  November 15 - January 16, 2021
  • Surcharge: Looks like around $3 per package for Ground and $4 for 3-Day Select. 



So far, they look like relatively small surcharges, but if you buy online (from us and elsewhere) frequently, they could add up quickly.  I recommend doing Christmas shopping early, shipping prior to the surcharges going into effect if possible, and making use of our Hold Your Horses Program to consolidate multiple orders when you can, if it makes sense for you.

As always, we're working hard to keep you informed - Being a collector is expensive, so the more knowledgeable you are about shipping, the better you can plan ahead to save money!



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