Correction to Stablemate Stable Surprise Sets

Hi Folks!  We've just received a curve ball and want to make sure everyone hears accurate information:
As always, we base our product descriptions on the text Breyer provides us.  However, we realized last week when looking closely at the image accompanying their text description, the image shows a package stating "2-Piece Set" while the text describes a mare, stallion and foal in each set:
We checked with Breyer for clarification and have just gotten an answer:  The text in their dealer catalog is incorrect.... These are indeed 2-piece sets, containing just the models pictured.  Also, instead of there being one "surprise model" in the set, these are actually being sold as blind boxes.  Each box will contain one o f the four pairs of models pictured, but which pair is inside is the surprise.  You get to discover them by opening the box.
All four sets for reference:
I apologize for the error in our listing.  I have emailed each person who has pre-ordered them so that you can choose what to do, and am posting this here as well in case you pre-ordered but didn't receive the email.  I know many of you are buying more than one set because you like all these models, so this won't be a big deal for many of you. 
Some of you may only collect a specific one or two models, though, so if you'd like to remove the Stable Surprise item(s) from your order, please simply email Eleda or use our site's contact form to request cancelling this item.  Please include the order # if possible, or at least the first and last name used to place the order so I can find it and make the change for you.
Meanwhile, we will be changing the item description and photo online to reflect this new information as of December 30th, and that will include changing the item image/description on all pre-orders to the new "blind box" version. 
If you pre-ordered them before December 30 and we don't hear from you with a request to cancel one or more from your order, we will keep the same quantity on order for you, but will change them all to the (unopened) blind box version so you can discover your surprise models when they arrive.  Neither you nor we will know which pair(s) you're getting... I'm glad they're all really pretty!  As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.  
Well, if there wasn't at least one curve ball from Breyer each year, I'd be nervous - There's always something interesting happening in the model horse business! 😉 Thanks for riding along with us... 2020 looks like an amazing year for model horse lovers!
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