Announcing our packaging partnership with GrandyOats!

Triple Mountain is teaming up with GrandyOats to give shipping boxes a second life!


As many of you know, Triple Mountain is working on becoming a B-Corp, a designation that requires a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  Part of our pledge is to reduce the amount of packing material and boxes that need to be created for our use.  Every box we can give a second life to means one more box that doesn’t have to be produced, saving trees and the resources used to process them into cardboard.  To this end, we are proud to announce we’ve begun a recycling partnership with world-class granola bakery GrandyOats!


GrandyOats makes some of the finest organic granola to be found anywhere!  They also share our belief that businesses should be an extension of ourselves and take responsibility for their impact in the world.  In 2015, GrandyOats purchased an unused elementary school here in Hiram, Maine, and converted it into their new bakery.  Here they installed a huge, beautiful solar array and became the first fully solar-powered bakery, and New England’s first net-zero food production facility!   (Their solar array offsets 145,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year, which they say is equal to driving from Hiram, Maine, to San Francisco, California and back 25 times.  Awesome!)

GrandyOats Granola teams up with Triple Mountain

GrandyOats uses locally-sourced ingredients when possible, but many ingredients still must be shipped in.  This generates a lot of shipping boxes (product comes in plastic bags inside the boxes).  Their box sizes are perfect for us to ship models in, and they are conveniently located just past our Post Office so we can pick up boxes when we drop off shipments – A perfect arrangement.

 boxes from GrandyOats for Triple Mountain

Our first batch of boxes were waiting for us today at GrandyOats’ loading dock


Thanks to Tim O’Brien and the GrandyOats folks, their boxes will now get a second life carrying models to their new homes around the world.  It’s a relationship both businesses can feel good about.  So, watch for your models to arrive in boxes with GrandyOats logos starting soon!


Important Allergy Note:  Some boxes may have held tree nuts.  While these were inside of plastic bags, and the boxes have been out in open air since, we ask that if anyone in your household has a severe nut allergy (or severe allergy to anything else used in granola) that you make a note on your order and we'll use unrelated boxes to ship your orders.

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