Heat Warning, New Product Updates

Hi Everyone,

It's August and I don't have to tell you:  It's HOT out there!  Even Maine has been over 90 degrees for 3 days.  Shipping models in this kind of heat is risky.  If you live in an area where it's scalding hot right now, you may want to consider placing your order into our Hold Your Horses™Program, since we aren't responsible for heat damage in transit.  It can get to over 120F on airport tarmacs, and unconditioned box trucks aren't any better. 

If you decide to use our Hold Program, we'll keep the order here until you're comfortable requesting it to be shipped.  Be aware that shipping isn't charged when you place the order - When you're ready for it to be shipped, we'll pack it and invoice you for shipping then.  (As a bonus, you can order more than once and we'll put everything together so that when you request a shipping invoice, you'll only pay shipping once.)  This can be a great option during hot weather or if you live in a hurricane-prone area and a storm is coming in that could make shipping to you risky.  We have an entire room of Hold Shelves, so your models will be safe here until you're ready to receive them.

What's going on with Mid-Years?

Like everyone else, we're still waiting, too...  Breyer had overwhelming response to Breyerfest and shipping BF models to as many as 125 countries is taking waaaaay longer than expected.  (I'm still waiting on mine, too!)   We figure they're holding off shipping Mid-Year models until all the Breyerfest orders are underway.  Hopefully, this will give them time to receive the new CollectAs, so that they might ship to us all at once with the new Breyers.  At this point, they're not even answering requests for updates - They're up to their eartips in Breyerfest shipping. 

UPDATE: Half an hour after I wrote this, we got a portion of our order.  We've got Mountain Dew and iced tea stocked and cold, ready for our packing marathon to begin.  When we print your order's shipping label, our website will send you an email with a tracking link so you'll know they're on their way.  We have received just 60 Marc of Charm so far, so we'll be packing the first pre-orders that came in for him until we run out.  Hopefully the rest of the order will arrive soon, and we'll be ready to get them out to everyone else!  This is just the way it's going for Breyer this year, and we understand.

So far, there are no changes to the ETA for the Halloween Horse, Old Glory, or Holiday items.  They are all still supposed to arrive in October.  (The Halloween Horse, Holiday Horse, and several ornaments are already sold out by pre-order.)  We'll get them shipped as soon as they arrive as well.

Meanwhile, stay cool and try to keep your models below 85 degrees if possible.  Heat can start to warp legs in shipping and on shelves.  Humidity can also damage certain finishes, so if you have AC available, even better.

I always have to end any discussion about non-winter weather by saying, "At least I don't have to shovel it!"   Winter will be here soon enough. 


horses enjoying water spraying from a sprinkler

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