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It's a tough subject for many of us to discuss, but it's so important that we do:  One in three women and as many as one in four men will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.  This is a problem that can only occur if it's kept secret, so making it known and making resources available to those who need them is critical.  With so many people staying in their homes this year, the problem is made worse, as fewer people outside the household may be able to see and stop violence. 

We don't often hear about the work of wonderful organizations like this unless we're directly involved, which can make fundraising harder for them.  Because of the nature of what they do, and the people they help, they work quietly and stay out of the limelight. That's why we ask you to join us in supporting Starting Point of NH as our non-profit beneficiary for our annual Giving Week event.

From November 29th - December 5th, 2020, we will be giving 25% of our total sales dollars to Starting Point.  That means every purchase you make that week will support their work to help people escape dangerous situations and also support their prevention programs to help keep others from suffering in fear for their lives. 

The following comes directly from the Director of Starting Point of NH, talking about the added challenges this year has brought to organizations like theirs:

The addition of COVID-19 has added even more barriers and complexity to the already difficult work of advocacy. For example, isolation is the tool of the abuser, making it difficult for victims to reach out for help. At-risk children not able to attend school are further compromised without the support of teachers who are mandated reporters, and the lack of safe shelter has become an even greater barrier for those trying to flee.

Through it all, and despite it all, Starting Point advocates (and advocates all over the world) never missed a beat providing critical crisis intervention. Our doors were never closed, and our advocates were available 24/7 right from the beginning. We continue to deliver essential and life altering, sometimes lifesaving, services, such as 24/7crisis intervention, emergency shelter, court and hospital advocacy, housing services, personal advocacy, prevention, and much more. This work helps move victims from victimization to survivorship and eventually in to thriving lives.

Combating any pandemic is challenging, battling the pandemic of domestic violence during COVID 19 has been arduous. Funding for our services is in large part dependent on our ability to fundraise locally, something that was halted by COVID 19 back in March. Many victims suffer from financial abuse which has been greatly aggravated by the many shutdowns. Something as simple as a tank of gas can be the difference in a victim leaving a lethal situation. Food insecurity has increased as foodbanks are burdened by greater demand and decreased access. Situations that were already desperate have escalated.

Our numbers are rising and the need for services increase daily. Starting Point has remained a pillar of strength to our clients, our partners, and our community throughout this current pandemic. The multitude of services that Starting Point offers has not only made a difference in the lives of victims and their children, it has also helped to buoy our many partners as they too struggle to stay on top of the additional needs of our community.

Our law enforcement, courts, hospitals, children’s services and many other partners depend on Starting Point to help the victims they serve. We in turn depend on our community of supporters to help us meet those needs. With $25 from you we can fill a tank to get a client to safety, $50 can help us feed a family at our shelter, $100 can provide the basics for a victim who has literally arrived with nothing more than the clothes on her back. Any amount can supplement the expense of sheltering victims from harm.

Starting Point’s 24/7/365 crisis line is open to victims, survivors and anyone looking to support a loved one or friend. Starting Point is one of many crisis centers across the country. We can help no matter where you are calling from by offering advice or by connecting you to your local agency. To reach an advocate anytime call 800-336-3795 or use our online chat Monday thru Friday 8-4 pm at


Thank you for supporting Starting Point and other organizations that are out there, saving lives without any fanfare.  If you would like to donate to Starting Point directly, here's a link to the donation page on their site:

And please - If you feel like you're "stuck" in a relationship that leaves you hurt and afraid (either physically or emotionally) often, please reach out through the number above or to your local advocacy agency.  Life can be so much better when it's safe to be yourself!

~ Eleda

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