Help Animals Through Australia's Devastating Brush Fires

This year, Australia and Tasmania are caught in the most horrifying wildfire season ever recorded.  As of a few days ago, over 12.35 million acres have burned - about equal to the entire states of Vermont and NH.

Heartbreakingly, over 1500 homes have burned and at least 24 humans have died, along with an estimated 500 MILLION animals.  The fires are still uncontrolled and spreading.  The map below, published on January 5th, shows the active fires raging right now, alongside an image of that map overlaid onto the US for scale. We've seen devastating fires in the Western US, but nothing compares to the size and multitude of what's happening to our friends in Australia right now.

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We are grateful to hear that the US has sent military/fire assistance and that charities are helping with the human side of this, though no money can ever bring back those lost or the homes that have been lived in for generations.

At Triple Mountain, we generally leave the "people-helping" to larger charities and focus instead on helping those who are helping animals during catastrophies.  I'm announcing today that we are changing our fund-raising recipient for the time being from One Tree Planted to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.  A percentage of every order at Triple Mountain will be donated to this organization and you will be able to see how much we donate by the banner at the very bottom of our homepage.

We chose Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors because we've always been fans of Steve and Terri Irwin, their daughter Bindi and son Robert.  Their Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has treated over 90,000 wild animals since it opened in 2002.  They are now doing everything they possibly can to save animals injured or displaced by the fires.  It is estimated that 25,000 koalas alone have been killed, which is catastrophic news for a species already on the brink.  At the Wildlife Hospital, they have seen intakes increase up to 750% since the fires began, including animals brought in by other rescues which are in the fire danger areas, so funding is critically needed for them to continue their lifesaving work.

Donating through us costs nothing - You pay regular price for your orders and we give a percent to Wildlife Warriors to help with their lifesaving work. 

You may also choose to donate directly to them yourself by visiting or by clicking the image from their site below:

Donate to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

Our prayers and hearts are with all Australians right now.  We have many customers there and hope they are safe.  There's very little else we can do from this side of the globe, but we hope this small gesture of fundraising will be heard as our caring support for everyone there.

~ Eleda



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