Midyear New Release Updates

Treasure and I are taking a break in the packing to give everyone an update.  She's more help as moral support than packing, what with her hooves and all, but she can stay up late to help without getting tired! 

We shipped a record number of orders yesterday, so some of you will have gotten shipping notifications already.  Everyone else is still waiting, right along with us, for the rest to arrive.  So here's the rundown as of Saturday afternoon:


Midyears and Halloween Horse:

Thursday night at 7pm we received about a third of the SM cases we have on order and half of the Halloween Horses.  We packed order until laaate in the night, then got up early and spent all day Friday packing as well.  It's a good thing I love what I do for work! :-)

We are still waiting on the rest of our 70th SMs, the rest of the Halloween Horses, and all the new Traditionals, CollectAs, and the Mane Beauty horse heads.  Breyer doesn't update retailers on when (or what) they are shipping, so we just watch and wait.

I *assume* we'll see most or all of these this coming week, but who knows - I believe Breyer is working short-handed, which is why the orders are shipping piecemeal right now.  Let's all be patient with them... They're in New Jersey, which has been hard-hit by the virus, and they're doing all they can.

Rest assured, as with this first group, we'll pack and ship pre-orders asap as soon as they arrive here.

70th Anniversary Stablemates:

We have sold out of full cases, but as of this posting we have a few singles left.  We will probably not be reordering full cases to sell, but if we sell out of singles, we will try to get back in stock on them.

Apparition, the Halloween Horse

We sold out of Apparition within an hour when he was announced, and they are limited per dealer, so we won't be able to get more.  We did only receive half of what we ordered, so we're hoping for an update or to see the rest arrive this week.


70th Anniversary Traditionals (Saddlebred and Chase, mainly)

Breyer shipped us seven cases on Monday, two on Tuesday, and four on Friday.  We have dozens more still on order, so we can tell they're doing their best to get these out.  This is just a guess, but I'm guessing they arrive from China as straight cases (in other words, one case is all Andalusians, one is all Saddlebreds, etc) and they sort them into assorted cases at the warehouse before shipping to us.  That would explain why it's taking a lot longer to ship them, and why they can only get so many done per day.  (There's another point for NOT doing this assortment thing again, Breyer - More work for you, more work for us.) 

We have been posting them onto our site as soon as we have checked for damage and gotten a headcount of each.  If you've missed them, stay tuned for more as they arrive.  You can search "70th" anytime to bring up the anniversary models and see who's currently in stock.


Holiday Horses and Ornaments

As far as we know, these are still on schedule for delivery to us at the very end of September.  If we hear of any changes, we'll let everyone know, but since retailers had to place our orders before March 1, hopefully they've had enough time to get them into production so they'll be on schedule.  I feel pretty confident they will.  We still have a few 2020 holiday items available for pre-order, and we usually sell out by the time they arrive, so if you haven't yet, you may want to pre-order your horse and ornaments now.


I think that covers it... In other news, the weather is beautiful in Maine right now, so we're happily self-isolating here on the mountain, playing ponies, working in our garden, and playing frisbee with Triple Mountain's good guard dog Summer.  We're keeping one eye open for UPS to pull in and are ready to jump into packing again as soon as we see the brown truck.

Happy collecting!


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Black Germans are my favorites! I have a Black lab and a Puggle puppy.

Blackberry Lane Studios

I need another Andy to gloss… I’m dying to see the shading on him pop with the gloss!


Great read! Love the part about Treaure being able to stay up late. I nearly spilt my coffee with a good belly laugh on that one! 😂


I’ll try to get a photo of her. :-) She looks like a mostly black German Shepherd, but we believe she has some wolf in her as well.


I love Treasure’s hat! Also, can you post a picture of Summer? I would love to see her. 🐕


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