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Organized schooling shows are a new concept in model horse showing.  While "fun shows" used to happen, the set-up completely depended on the host.  Now we have a way to reach new exhibitors and help experienced ones continue to grow, that is set up in a way that everyone knows what to expect and can be a part of both showing AND judging!  The following was written by Jill O'Connor to explain what schooling shows are and why they exist.  Thanks, Jill!


On Sunday May 27th the “Maine Event” schooling show will be held in Union, ME.  This show is a vintage (pre-1990) collectability show for OF China, OF Plastic, and metal horses with Open level competitors.  Never heard of a schooling show before?  Well, this is a new trial program happening in Region 10 of the North American Model Horse Shower's Association.  This program does NOT qualify for NAN, but does qualify for The Region 10 Championships (TRXC).

 The concept is simple and the show is very low key – only 4 to 10 exhibitors are allowed.  Class lists are often very limited (i.e. all English performance classes, OF Plastic collectability classes, light breeds, etc).  But the biggest difference is:  Everyone judges!  (You do not judge your own models.)  Each person also comes up with their own awards – and having fun is encouraged!!!  We’ve seen homemade ribbons, paperclips, chocolate, etc.  Just so long as you know who came in first, second, etc.   All horses that place first or second receive a single Region 10 Qualifier card that allows them to attend TRXC or apply for Region 10 Achievement Awards.  So, even if everyone places the same horse first (or second) they get one card. 


Why have schooling shows?  This is a multi-function project:

  • To encourage first-time show hosts. These shows require limited prep work!  They can be held in your home or small (inexpensive) space.  The class list is limited in size.  The show holder does not need to find judges since everyone attending judges!  And there’s no cost for awards since every exhibitor comes up with their own.  They also all enter their own results.
  • Folks get to learn what it takes to judge. Many people have wondered what it takes to judge a model horse show.  This concept allows them to get a feel while working with more experienced judges.  They get to experience explaining their placings to others, and ask questions of why others placed the class as they did.  They also learn about entering in results to the Region 10 system.
  • To allow for more shows in the region. With the limited size restrictions, it makes it easy to host shows in areas that may not attract the larger amount of exhibitors needed for a standard show.  Shows are advertised on the Region 10 website (, Facebook page and Yahoo group and must be open for anyone to attend.


This will be the second schooling show in the region.  The first was held earlier this spring further south and was a performance show for harness and English performance.  This show will be the first collectability show. 


We're really excited about this program that will introduce new exhibitors to the fun world of model showing, help train future judges, and bring people together over the love of model horses!

If you live outside of the New England area, perhaps you can encourage your Region to set up a program like this one.  If you're in the New England, join the Region X Facebook group and watch for upcoming schooling shows in your area!


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Nice!!! I hope there are more events like this one i need to learn how to show my horses & what i need to make & or buy for them ie: halters, tack, riders, display set up, diorama etc. Im so excited to be back in the model horse hobby now that my daughter is away at college. I was so busy with her & her hobbies & passions that i had to set mine aside the past 19 years.

Megan Trawick

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