NEW! Copperfox Model Horse Jewelry!

We have been waiting to make this announcement for some time, and they've just arrived!  Copperfox has shrunk their beautiful horse and pony molds, cast them in solid pewter, which holds details better than silver, and polished them to a shine!  They are now ready to join your jewelry and horse collections!

What we love:  These guys are quality all the way.  Each pendant and earring is made of solid, lead-free pewter.  You can see the hairlines in their manes and tails, muscling, and even feathering on the Cob and Shire.  They're big enough to be seen, but small enough to not feel like anchors on your neck and ears.  The pendants come with braided cord necklaces with lobster clasps. The earrings, (ever so slightly smaller) come on sterling silver fish hooks with rubber stoppers to keep them safely in place. 

These are all made and hand-polished in the UK, and come in nice boxes with foam inserts, perfect for giving as gifts or show prizes... Just make sure you grab some for yourself, too!  If you're like me, you're going to fall in love with them and want one of each.

Because they're each hand-polished, they take a while to make, so we only have a small number of each right now.  If we sell out, don't worry - We have more ordered!  We think they're going to become your favorite jewelry pieces... I've been wearing a pair of the Welsh Cob earrings at our store for the last couple of weeks and they get compliments every day!


Copperfox Model Horse Jewelry at Triple Mountain

Left to right, Top:  Welsh Cob, Shire, and Irish Sport Horse Necklaces

Left to right, Bottom:  Welsh Cob Earrings, Shire Earrings






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