NEW! Show Quality Western Tack Sets

We are lucky to have so many talented individuals in our area!   New to Triple Mountain's lineup is high-quality Western tack for showing, made by Heather in New Hampshire.  Heather is an incredible tack artist with an eye for detail, so her tack is competitive to the highest levels of model competition. 

Heather is a full-time Vet Tech and human companion to her Appaloosa Bear, whom she’s had for 20 years.  She also runs a series of four real horse pleasure shows in Barrington, NH, every year.  This is her 8th year organizing the shows.  She loves to watch the kids move up from leadline to walk-trot-canter classes, and to see all the different ages of people and types of horses having fun together.

[Heather and Bear out for a ride in Maine's Acadia National Park]

Heather has been collecting model horses since she got the Overo Stock Horse Mare in 1984.  Her favorite mold is Lady Phase, as her growing conga (currently 14!) attests. 

Heather first began making model tack when she started showing model horses and couldn't find realistic tack that complemented her models and fit properly.  She has spent years improving and creating her own techniques for making her tack look so real that in photos, you'd think you were looking at a life-size set.

[This Western Pleasure saddle recently sold at Triple Mountain.]


When I asked Heather what the most challenging part of making model tack is, she responded: "The fiddly little buckles!"  Boy, do I agree!  But they make the sets look realistic and insure proper fit, which can be the difference between a blue ribbon and landing out of the placings, so we appreciate her work with all those fiddly little buckles.

The most FUN aspect of tack-making, she says, is to have a random dream about what the next set should be, and waking up in the morning to dig through her supplies to see if she has everything she needs to make it.  She is now experimenting with glittery material underneath cutouts in the leather fenders to add more bling to barrel racing sets.  Stay tuned for more on that... I think one set is coming our way soon!

Heather's Western tack sets (she does Western exclusively, no English sets) are sought-after by show competitors and we are honored to be able to offer some of her pieces.  She usually only makes a few each year, so they'll appear here as she finishes them.  Each will be sold as a one-of-a-kind, so if you see one you love, don't wait - Someone else will snag it!  You'll be able to find them, when available, in our Accessories collection, under Tack.

Coming soon, this "Texas Star" themed set!

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As lady who shops online from Houston, Texas, I love the same of the new set. I love that rich brown color as well. I think it would be fantastic on a Bonne Fete I have. Excellent-looking craftsmanship. I will also say that as a collector, those fiddly little buckles get me too!


Thank you Eleanor. Don’t ever give up. Your tack will improve every time. Start with a simple halter and let your imagination go. I drool over the model tack sets online all the time. Always new skills to work on🙂


I don’t usually post comments, but I had to say this: I sent photos of the Texas Star set to my friend, and she texted me back wondering why an English rider was shopping for such a nice western saddle. Needless to say, this work is amazing – thank you for showing a 14-year-old dreamer what all those failed tack attempts might just add up to one day. <3

Eleanor B.

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