USPS Increases - Shifting More Shipments to UPS

Hi Folks,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I hate even more to get surprised by it, so I'm sharing this as soon as I've heard: 

On April 3rd, the US Postal Service is adding fees to a lot of shipments, in addition to "regular" postage.  This includes fees on boxes that aren't their standard sizes (Priority Mail boxes), and on all boxes with a length over 22".... or over 2 cubic feet.  (2 cubic feet is a box equivalent to 18" x 18" x 10" - Not very big, really, when we consider Adamek's box is about 18" long and 11" tall.) 

What this means is that we'll be using UPS Ground a lot more often.  We're working with UPS to see if we can reduce pick-up fees to make that even more economical than it is now.  We'll still offer both options at checkout, but if you usually pick USPS without looking, please review the prices - You may find UPS Ground will now give you a better rate than Priority for most orders that include two or more Traditionals, or a group of models of equivalent size.

As always, we'll continue to try to make shipping as economical as possible!  We appreciate your patronage of our family-owned business and we'll always do what we can to help you here.




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Thank you so much. You are so good to your customers.

Adah Richards (Spotted Dreams Studio)

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