Weekly Challenge #6: Don't (Okay, Do!) Play With Your Food

This week we're encouraging you to play with your food!  Will you make a pizza shaped like a horse head, horse-shaped cookies, or line up your Lucky Charms to form a unicorn?  Let's see your horse-shaped food!


Photos must be received by Saturday, May 2nd at 11:59pm (email to info@triplemountain.com) to be considered for inclusion in our challenge blog.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Challenge photos received:


Ella's Cupcake Pony


Chocolate horses - oh my!


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Wow. This is cool! I can’t wait to see my distinguished fellow collectors stick their hands into food and play with it! Lol. Thanks Eleda. You are the best. Triple Mountain is DEFINITLY a better retailer than Breyer. Breyer ruins their photo shows with too many fussy rules. I would love to see Triple Mountain offer a small prize like a Mini Whinnie to their favorite entry. That would get expensive quick though. :)

Blackberry Lane Studios

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