We'll be Away at the Fair 9/30 -10/12, Store Closed, Re-Opening For Breyer Fun Day

We'll be away at the fair from 9/30 - 10/12.  Online orders placed from 9/30 through 10/12 will be shipped when we return.  It may take a few days for us to catch up with all the orders; thank you for your patience.  There will also be delays in answering emails and messages since I'll be running our store at the fair all day, every day.

While we're at the fair, we'll be removing some current-production models from inventory to prevent someone from ordering one online at the same time someone is buying it at the fair (we don't want to oversell and disappoint anyone).  We will restock our website and our store on our return.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

If you're in northern New England, we hope you'll visit us at the Fryeburg Fair from 10/3 - 10/10!  Otherwise, we'll catch up with you after we return.

Our Triple Mountain store in Hiram, Maine, will be closed for three Sundays: 

9/26, 10/3, and 10/10.  


When we reopen on 10/17, we'll have a free Stablemates Painting day in-store!  (Details below.)


During the fair, we'll have special guests that you can meet and talk models with:

Mon 10/4 and Tues 10/5:  Kayla Lovejoy, customizer and sculptor

Kayla will talk about customizing models in a variety of styles and may demo customize models right here in our booth.  Visit with her to learn which models are good/not-so-good to customize, what types of paint and sculpting material she prefers, and different styles of customs that are popular today, and to see her in action.

Wed 10/6 and Thurs 10/7:  Julia Nichols, Owner of Copperfox Model Horses

Julia will be joining us both days to talk models, hear your ideas for new molds, and maybe, just maybe, she'll bring some sneak peeks with her!  We will also have Copperfox jewelry available for sale while supplies last.

Fri 10/8 and Sat 10/9:  Jan Moniz, Breyer Sales Representative

Jan will join us again this year to talk models and answer questions you have about Breyer and CollectA models.  Please remember to be kind - She is not in control of Breyer shipping, quality, or customer service.  She would love to hear your ideas for new models and photos of your collection.


Schedule subject to change.  We hope each special guest will be here from 11am - 4pm, although some may arrive even earlier and/or stay later.  Come meet these great ladies and talk horses with us!

Our booth is easy to find!  If you come in the Main Gate, look about 45 degrees to your left, and you'll see the Expo Center building.  If you look through the open doorway, you'll see Breyer boxes!  The Expo Center is open 9am - 9pm each day of the fair, and I'll be at the booth all week.  We'll have current Breyer, CollectA, Safari, and Schleich horses and animals, including plenty of farm animals, with us! 

 Here's a map of the front of the fairgrounds.  Main Gate is at bottom center:

Triple Mountain Booth Location on Fryeburg Fair map

When we reopen on 10/17, we'll be doing our version of Breyer's Fun Day!  

We'll have free Stablemate painting for all ages (one model per person, to be painted here in-store).  Paint a model and take it home with you!  You're also welcome to bring any current model project to work on it here that day.  Perhaps others will pop in and you can share tips and tricks with them to help us all improve our techniques.  If we can get a screen that will work, we'll also play Breyer's Fun Day tutorials at the store in the background, so you can get inspired by other model horse artists as well.

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