We're Finalists for the Maine Family-Owned Business Awards!

We're proud as a mare with a new foal to announce that Triple Mountain has been selected as Finalists for this year's Maine Family-Owned Business Awards!  We are nominated for customer service, community service, and environmental stewardship.  From 157 nominations, we've made it to the top 25!  Winners will be announced in June.

If you'd like to show support for Triple Mountain, you may post a note on the Institute for Family-Owned Business's Facebook page.  We'd love that! 

The Institute recognizes family businesses that are having a significant impact in our communities for responsible business practices.  We are excited to be considered among some amazing Maine businesses for the chance of recognition.

Triple Mountain is known for our customer service, because simply we ARE our customers as well.  We're run BY collectors, FOR collectors, so all of you are our friends in the hobby.  We wrap your special new additions as if they had to travel all the way around the world to come to our own collection, and we enjoy writing a note to you with each order.  We have regular customers around the world, and it's so much fun sharing pictures and stories with other horse lovers.  When we have permission, we often share them with you on our Facebook page.  We also just hosted the first-ever model horse show in this area, and held a free Stablemate Painting Party at Skyline Farm Museum in Yarmouth, Maine.

[Kids and parents painting Stablemates with us at Skyline Farm, May 11,2019.]

We show support for organizations doing good in the world whenever we can.  You may remember our campaign following awful Hurricane Harvey to raise money for the Texas Equine Veterinary Association, which was spearheading efforts to rescue horses from flooded pastures and provide medical treatment and care until they could be reunited with their worried humans.  Thanks to all of you, we were able to send them nearly a thousand dollars over a six-week period. 

We also maintain a charity account here for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, which helps animals in need from nineteen Maine towns.  We accept donations of models, which we sell with proceeds going to the shelter.  This account has grown from a couple hundred dollars the first year to over $2300 donated in 2018, making Triple Mountain one of HHAS's largest supporters!  We've seen some of the lovely dogs and cats they've been able to help, and it really hits home how important this is.  Not leaving humans out, last year for Giving Tuesday, we donated to Starting Point Women's Shelter.

Eleda with Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

[Eleda at Harvest Hill's booth at Fryeburg Fair]


We are also nominated for environmental responsibility.  While that can be challenging, given that we ship models around the world, we've made a commitment to environmental stewardship and are working toward becoming a B-Corp.  90% of the boxes and packaging materials we use are recycled, gathered from local businesses including GrandyOats Granola and Hannaford Supermarkets headquarters.  We take pride in living in such a beautiful, special place as the Triple Mountain, so we power both our home and store primarily by solar, help prevent runoff with a grassed parking area, and use all LED lighting.  Heck, even our store itself is recycled - It was originally built as a hunting cabin before we bought the property, moved the building to its current location, and remodeled it into our store!

Triple Mountain's mission statement is simply "Integrity in all things."  We are grateful and excited to be recognized as Finalists for these awards, and for your support of what we do!

~ Eleda and The Triple Mountain team

[Left to right Above: Karen, Eleda, and Roy.  Below: John and June.]



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