What model horses do you collect?

We recently did a survey asking what people collect.  The answers were really interesting and some were even surprising.  Here's what we learned:

Breyer Newsworthy Best of British Connemara Loose Mane

Almost 60% of respondents have been collecting for more than 20 years, but we also have a lot of folks who are just starting out in the hobby.  (Welcome!)

Breyer Amber Sweet Pea

More than half of people who answered have between 100 - 500 models in their collections.  Wow!  Almost 20% more have over 500!

Lots of model horses!

Everyone who answered collects Breyers... No surprise there, nor that Peter Stone came in a healthy second place, but we WERE surprised how many also collect Artist Resins, and have particular artists they love to collect.  Hagen-Renaker and Schleich following closely.  It looks like we need to show off CollectAs great sculpts more, since not many people have tried them out yet.  (We ARE bringing in some of the new Schleich models soon, so watch for those!)  People also mentioned other brands, notably Copperfox and Hartland, but also Blue Ribbon, Beswick and others.

CollectA Perlino Akhal Teke

Only 18% of people who took the survey collect ONLY certain product lines; most people collect whatever catches their fancy, and are interested in seeing new sculpts and brands.  Most people also collect a mixture of current and retired pieces, but a hefty 25% collect "mostly or entirely" retired models.

Breyer Woodgrain Racehorse

While some people do collect specific breeds, colors, or artists, a whopping 95% of respondents say they collect anything they see that they like.  Us, too!

Breyer decorator QH Yearling Autism Benefit model

With Copperfox making a splash into the model scene recently, we wanted to see how many people have heard of them and maybe are already collecting them.  We were delighted to see that most people have heard of them, and that almost 30% of survey participants already have at least one in their collection!  If you haven't heard of Copperfox Model Horses yet, stay tuned.  As they ramp up production, they're going to become a force to be reckoned with!  We'll keep you posted of new developments.

Copperfox Welsh Cobs

Lastly, we asked what type of promotions collectors would like to see us run, and the overwhelming answer was "sales on retired models."  Several people asked for a free shipping weekend.  We've got some things in the works that I think will make everyone happy!  Shhh... That's all I can say about that right now, but be sure to stay tuned!

Triple Mountain Model Horses logo

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We had a lot of fun and hope you did, too.  We'll run more surveys in the future, so if you missed out this time, don't worry.  You'll get a chance, and we'd love to hear from you!

~ Eleda






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Wondering if I could fill out your survey? I know its late… but curious to see what your questions were.


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