Updates on Old Glory and Breyer Out-Of-Stocks

I'll always try to keep everyone updated when info becomes available.  The frustrating part is that Breyer doesn't often communicate, and even when we ask, it can take weeks to get an answer sometimes.  So, we work with what we have and keep asking for updates when things are late, like they have been this year.


First, we know everyone wants more info about Old Glory. 

Breyer Old Glory at Triple Mountain - Reserve Yours!

This is a BEAUTIFUL release on Esprit, and while we all love Limited Editions, I'm actually thrilled that they aren't limiting production on this one.  Everyone should be able to get this beauty!  Here's what we know so far:

1)  Each retailer is limited to receiving just twelve this spring. 

2)  They have said that retailers will be able to get more delivered in the fall (probably October) and that production is NOT limited, so we should be able to get as many as we order.

3)  They posted a few for sale on their own website (now sold out) on 4/20, so that means they've arrived in the US and we expect to see ours land here soon!  If your order number is #101213 or lower, you should be in our first shipping group, if there are no shortages or damages.

4)  Reserving your model now for fall delivery will probably be important.  This is only my guess based on my experience with Breyer, but given the lead time until we receive the others, I'd say they're putting them into production later this spring.  How will they judge how many to make?  I expect they'll handle them like they do Holiday Horses:  They'll give retailers a deadline by which to place their order, and we'll get that many only.  If they go that route, as I expect, these could still be hard to come by, as most retailers will order enough for the people who pre-order them.  They could go full-on Regular Run with this model and just make a bunch, but that would be uncharacteristic.  Even if they do that, having one reserved early will insure you get yours as soon as they arrive here.  Click here to preorder yours!

We'll post new information to Old Glory's product page if we get any.


Out-of-Stock ETAs:

Meanwhile, we (and all retailers) are low on stock on pretty much everything still!  We know there have been shipping delays, but we now have some approximate arrival dates for some items, and that's really impressive, since they rarely share that info! 

Here's a list of items that they're currently out of but have estimated arrival dates.  Links are provided to those who we currently have in stock at the time of this post.


Lil' Ricky Rocker - October

Brookside Pink Magnum - June

Snowman - July

Gpysy Vanner - May

Favory Ariella and Dam Set - May

Freedom Series Cupcake - July

Mini Whinnies Surprise blind bags - July

Show Jumping Brenda - May

Red Stable - May

Western Riding Set, Hot Colors - May



American Creme Draft Stallion - June

Knabstrupper Mare - June


CollectAs to arrive in August:

Donkey Foal

Pinto Pony Mare and Terrier

Box of Mini Horses

Percheron Mare

Gypsy Mare

Goat Kid

Exmoor Pony


Unknown ETAs:


CollectA Tinker Stallion

Icelandic Spordur Fra Bergi

Freedom Series Galloping Thoroughbred, Buckskin Appaloosa

SM Mystery Unicorn Surprise Blind Bags Series 2 Chasing Rainbows

SM Unicorn Singles (Peridot, Rose Quartz, Opal, Citrine, Pearl, Topaz)


This is not a comprehensive list, just the ones we've received ETAs for.  Of course, ETAs are just that, estimated arrival dates, and are subject to change due to forces beyond Breyer's control.  But it gives us an idea of how long we'll be waiting for some of these.  We do have some of them in stock currently, but once they sell out, it could be a while before we get more. 

FYI: To make shipping efficient for them, Breyer usually only ships to retailers if they have at least $1000 retail value ready to ship, so if one or two items we have ordered arrive there, they'll usually hold them until more of what we need comes in.  More than you needed to know, but I always feel we all deserve to understand the process that gets models to our herds! 


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Thank you so much Eleda for always keeping us up to date on information. It means a lot to everyone! :)


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