Breyer 2016 Fall Releases and Discontinued List

Whew, Breyer is keeping us busy this week!  Friday night we learned about the new fall releases, then today they sent out the 2016 Discontinued list.  Let's break it all down for you in one place:

First, the new fall releases!

Click on an image to go to that item's page (will open in a new window) where you can purchase one if we have any left.  They're going fast!

Breyer Gold Medal Valegro  Gold Valegro - Limited to 3000 pieces, with a dealer limit of 24 pieces.  Scheduled to ship to us in December.  Selling fast!
Breyer Xavier Othello Wintersong Xavier, Unicorn on the Othello (Wintersong) mold - Beautiful new unicorn release!  Selling fast!
Breyer Glorioso Andalusian Stallion Glorioso, Andalusian Stallion - To be sold in-store only - no exceptions, per Breyer.  We have a page for his info and any updates Breyer sends, but will not take orders for him online.  Limited to 2500 pieces, with a limit of 12 per store.  Scheduled to ship to us at the end of September/beginning of October.  Sold out:  Our 12 pieces are already reserved.  Stay tuned in case anything changes, though!
Breyer 2016 Halloween Horse Poltergeist Poltergeist, 2016 Halloween Horse on Ruffian mold with glow-in-the-dark skeleton "rider."  Here now, available for immediate shipment, while they last!
Breyer Woodland Splendor 2016 Holiday Horse Lonesome Glory Woodland Splendor - 2016 Holiday Horse on Lonesome Glory.  Scheduled to ship to us in September.  Only a few left!
Breyer 2016 Christmas Ornament Best Friends Best Friends Christmas Ornament - Two horses galloping in step, trailing a banner reading "Best Friends."  Scheduled to ship to us in September.  Almost gone - Reserve yours soon!
Breyer American Pharoah Christmas Ornament 2016 American Pharoah Christmas Ornament. Scheduled to ship to us in September.  Just a few left!
Breyer Beautiful Breeds Christmas Ornament Gypsy Vanner 2016 Beautiful Breeds Ornament:  Gypsy Vanner.  Scheduled to ship to us in September.  Only 3 left as of this post!



While you're reserving your new releases, you may want to add some of these that you've been hoping to get, because Breyer has announced that all of the following are being discontinued.  We cannot get anymore, so what we have in inventory is all there are! 

Many of these are down to just one in inventory... Don't wait!

Breyer Shadowbox 5412 Horse Crazy Collection Shadow Box
Breyer Magic & Hamlet Therapy Horses Magic and Hamlet, Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses
Breyer Totilas Totilas
Breyer Don't Look Twice Roxy Don't Look Twice
Breyer Harley D Zip Harley D Zip
Breyer Black Caviar and Foal Black Caviar and Foal (Classic Size models)
Breyer Foiled Again Pacer Foiled Again
Breyer Smokin Doubledutch Smokin Doubledutch
Breyer NRHA Anniversary Model NHRA 50th Anniversary Model
Breyer Best of British Shetland Pony Best of British Shetland Pony
Breyer Connemara Pony, Loose Mane, Best of British Best of British Connemara Pony, Loose Mane
Breyer Best of British Welsh Cob Best of British Welsh Cob
Breyer Best of British Highland Pony Best of British Highland Pony
Breyer OT Sara Moniet RSI OT Sara Moniet RSI
Breyer Shipping Set, Green & White Shipping Set, Green & White
Breyer Sarah, Eventing Rider Limited Edition Sarah, Eventing Rider, Limited Edition
Breyer Cross-Country Jump, Limited Edition Cross-Country Jump, Limited Edition
Breyer Liverpool Jump, Limited Edition  Liverpool Jump, Limited Edition
Breyer Pony Pouches - Denim & Diamonds or Show Horses Breyer Pony Pouches - both patterns:  Denim & Diamonds and Show Horses


Remember, it's always cheaper to ship multiple items at the same time than to ship them separately, so think about holiday gifts, the upcoming model show season, and any other purchases you're thinking of making, and try to order everything together when possible (or use our "Hold Your Horses" Program).


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