While it's impossible to offer free shipping because our profit margin is pretty small (most items are consigned to us, so we only make commission on their sale), we're always looking for ways to make shipping cheaper for you.  Here are some of the things we do:  


Automatic shipping rebates - If we're able to ship your order for less than our site calculated by $5 or more, we'll automatically refund you the difference!*

Automatic shipping upgrades - If you paid for Parcel Post and we find we can ship your order by Priority Mail for around the same price, we'll upgrade it Priority so you get it sooner.


"Hold Your Horses" Program - This is unique to Triple Mountain and is very popular with our collectors!  Since shipping multiple items is always cheaper than shipping several items separately, we're happy to hold your order here so that you can add to it.  Here's how it works:

When you place your order, if you don't need to receive your models immediately, you can choose "Hold Your Horses" as the shipping method at checkout.  You'll pay just the price of your models for now, and we'll give them a special place on our Hold Shelves with your name on them.  Then you can continue to place orders over the next few weeks or months, adding to your Hold Herd each time.  When you're ready for everything to ship, email us at  We'll pack everything together and email you a shipping invoice for the shipment.  Once that's paid, your herd will ship right out.  (Using the code generates the phrase "free shipping" at checkout; actually it's deferred shipping, but since you're not paying shipping at the time of order, it shows as "free.")

This program is particularly popular with our international customers and West Coast US customers, where shipping small orders is pricey.  We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in shipping already with our Hold Your Horses Program!




 Hold Your Horses Program stipulations:

Items may be kept on hold in the program for up to six months.  After six months, if you have not contacted us to request a shipping invoice for your herd, we will attempt to reach you via the email address you entered on our website.  If we are unsuccessful at reaching you within 14 days, orders may be considered forfeited and restocked, with no refund given. (This is to prevent people from reserving models so that others can't buy them, and then not following through with the purchase.)  If the shipping invoice you request goes unpaid for 3 days, the same policy will apply.  We hope to never have to invoke these protocols.  If you are actively adding to your Hold Herd, or contact us to ask us to Hold them longer, we may be willing to do so on a case-by-case basis.  We will never cancel your orders without first emailing the address we have on file and giving you time to respond, so be sure your email address is entered correctly and that emails from the domain are white-listed (or just email us for a shipping invoice within 6 months of ordering).  :-)


Shipping Advance Sale Items
From time to time, we are able to take pre-orders for items scheduled to be released at a future time.  We mark these items "Advance Sale" in their title and include release information the manufacturer has given us in their description.
Their are a few caveats to pre-ordering that you should be aware of:  Manufacturers can change release dates or even cancel items.  We try to stay abreast of changes through our vendor reps and will update each item's page if we hear of changes.  If there is a significant change of date (involving two months' delay or longer), we will email everyone who pre-ordered it to inform them and offer a refund if they don't want to wait the additional period.  If an item is canceled by the manufacturer, cut from our order, or otherwise not available to us, we will automatically refund its purchase price to customers who pre-ordered it and email to let you know.
Shipping for your order will be based on all items in the order shipping together.  If items arrive at different times (or you order a mix of in-stock and advance sale items), everything will be held here until your entire order is ready to ship.  To have items ship at different times, please place orders for in-stock items and advance sale items separately.  You may also email us to request that in-stock items ship immediately; however, additional shipping charges may apply, as USPS shipping costs more for multiple boxes than for a single one, and we charge per their rates.
*Cost to ship includes cost of shipping material as well as postage. Shipping rebate cannot be given for orders purchased with our Lay-Buy payment plan, because of the way payment is collected through that plan.