Horse Lover's Gift Guide 2019

Someone Wants a Horse for Christmas

Putting a real horse under the tree may be out of reach, but you can still see your horse lover's eyes light up with excitement when they open a beautiful model horse or gifts from Triple Mountain.  From stocking stuffers to that "One Big Gift," we can make it easy for you to make them very happy this Christmas.


Stocking Stuffers for Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain

We have plenty of little gifts to choose from, all under $20 (and most under $10) that are the perfect size if you're hosting a holiday party for horse loving kids (or adults!), helping Santa, or participating in a horse-themed Secret Santa event at the barn or online.  Click the title of this section or an image below to see them all!


Breyer Stablemate Mystery Horse Blind Bags as Stocking Stuffers at Triple Mountain

1:32 scale horses and unicorns in sealed foil blind bags are a lot of fun!  They may even get lucky and open the "Chase" piece... A special rare model!




Breyer Pocket Box Dogs, Cats and Wild Animals as Stocking Stuffers at Triple Mountain

For those who love other animals as well as horses, we have Pocket Box Dogs, Cats, and Wild animals... These are even smaller than 1:32 scale and come in their own tiny box with accessories.




CollectA and Schleich Model Horses as Stocking Stuffers at Triple MountainThe somewhat larger 1:20 scale CollectA and Schleich models are a great value at around $8 each.  Made of solid vinyl, they are slightly flexible, so they hold up with to rough play.  CollectAs are very accurately sculpted and are popular among adult collectors as well.



Sparkly things!

Everyone loves a little sparkle at the holidays!  We've got bling for horse people in designs you can be sure they don't have yet!

Jewelry For Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain

   3D Bejeweled Horse Head Pendant





 Unicorn Jewelry for Christmas gifts at Triple Mountain   Rainbow unicorn cabochon stud earrings



Something Unique

Our dreamcatcher artist has been hand-crafting beautiful dream catchers inside genuine hroseshoes for over twenty years.  Made in the USA, these are beautiful works of art, featuring carved gemstones woven into the web and the story of the dream catcher on a card attached.  We often carry some in stock, or you can choose from a wide range of colors to create a very personal, unique gift for your horse person.   (Please allow two to three weeks for creation and shipping of custom work.  In-stock pieces generally ship within 2 business days.)

Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain

Light blue and white horseshoe dream catcher











Breyer Models - the Epitome of Model Horses

Breyer models are the best gift for horse lovers of all ages!  2020 will be Breyer's 70th year producing high quality horse (and other animal) models.  With sizes and price-points ranging from Mini Whinnies ($2.75) to Freedom Series ($16.95 - $24.95 to Traditionals ($39.95 - $59.95), their models often become family heirlooms and some increase in value over time.   We carry a huge selection of models, both current-production and vintage retired models.  

Breyer Model Horses at Triple Mountain Make the Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Freedom Series (formerly Classic Series in 1:12) has some beautiful new sculptures including this new Rearing Mustang.






Breyer Traditional Model Horses Are Great Gifts for Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain

Most popular is the larger Traditional Series (1:9 scale).  Many are portraits of famous horses, like this portrait of Triple Crown Winner Justify with his championship garland.



There are even wonderful sets for that "big gift!"

Schleich Large House and Horse Stable at Triple Mountain

Schleich's Large House and Horse Stable is the pinnacle of playsets for Schleich horse lovers!  It includes over 100 pieces, with everything from dishes for the cupboards to blankets for the beds, a telescope for the attic and apples for the horses!


The Best Gifts for Horse Lovers are Breyer Model Horses at Triple Mountain

Breyer's Protocol and Friends Gift set includes a portrait of famous jumper Protocol and two canine friends.  As a bonus, this set is a benefit for Danny and Ron's Rescue, which has found homes for over 10,000 homeless dogs.  Part of the proceeds from the sale of each set go to their non-profit rescue.


But Which Model Does Your Horse Person want?

We have an easy way to help them help you!  Ask your horse lover to create a wish list on Triple Mountain's site and then email it to you (or send it through Facebook)!  Then you'll know exactly what they want and you won't worry about buying a duplicate.

Creating a wish list is easy.  They need to create a free account at our site (so the site knows whose wish list it is), then they can add an item by clicking the "Add to Wish List" button below the purchase button:

Horse Lovers Can Create a Wish List at Triple Mountain

Click "Add to Wish List" to add the item into your wish list.  You can have an unlimited number of items in your wish list!

Wish List for Model Horses at Triple Mountain

To view your wish list, click Wish List at the top of any page (circled above).  To send your wish list, choose one of the icons at the bottom.

Quick note about wish lists:  Saving an item to your wish list does not reserve it.  It may still be purchased by someone else.  If it goes out of stock, it will be removed from your wish list.

These are a simple way to keep track of what your horse lover wants the most!


The Easiest Gift for your Horse Lover: Triple Mountain Gift Cards!

Horse Lovers Want Triple Mountain Gift Cards for Christmas

If you're still not sure what to get for your horse lover, we suggest a Triple Mountain Gift Card.  We offer both electronic and plastic gift cards in a variety of dollar amounts. 

Plastic cards are great as a gift to hand to someone special.  We can mail them to you - Be sure to leave enough time to receive it via USPS.

Electronic cards are great when you're squeezed for time:  a unique gift card code is sent to you by email which you can copy into a holiday card or forward to your recipient.  You receive the code immediately, so even if you're on the way to their house, you can have it when you arrive there if you can get email on your smart phone!

Every horse lover loves to receive a Triple Mountain gift card.  We're one of the most popular model horse stores in the world and have over 1500 models for them to choose from.  They can use their gift card online, in our store, at in person at any event we're attending.

2020 is going to be an exciting year for Breyer, which has announced they will be releasing a "70th Anniversary Collection" of new releases in special packaging, making a gift card an even better gift this year!  They'll have money in-hand to buy their favorite brand new models and you'll be their favorite person this holiday season!

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