Museum Putty Saves The Day (and the Horses)!

I received this email a while back, and had to share (with the collector's permission).  It's easy to overlook safety items like Horse Racks or Museum Putty when you're ordering...  until you need them.  I hope, like Amanda, you'll make sure you have them in use before they're needed, to keep your collection safe.

~ Eleda


Hello Eleda, Momma and foal arrived safely.  And thanks to your Museum Putty, all the other members of the herd are safe as well.  I awoke to an almighty CLANG last night at 1AM.  With a pair of fully grown, one year old kittens, noises at night aren't uncommon but this was loud and definitely needed to be investigated.  To my amazement, only one horse was broken.  A cast metal former doorstop, now sans tail until I can figure out how to glue it back in place, who happened to be nestled among some very expensive models.  He was the only one not puttied down, namely because he is heavy and fairly sturdy but somehow Rowan managed to pull him down without so much as scratching a single other model or causing a chain reaction.  Luckily she also scared the bejeebers out of herself and hopefully won't try that again!  Her brother is a useless jumper, he's far too into eating and sleeping to get worked up over anything but a bug.  Guess I'll be adding more Museum putty to my shopping cart, it's truly worth its weight in gold.
Metal Horse (center) with broken tail.  Stone Rearing Horse on his left and Breyer SM on the right, both with Museum Putty keeping them safe.
[The metal horse who wasn't puttied, poor guy!]
Display of Copperfox and Breyer models along a mantle.  Metal horse that fell is near the left end.
[Metal horse is near the left side of this beautiful, and pricey, display!  Thank goodness for Museum Putty on the others!]
Naughty Rowan, an adorable kitty
[Naughty (but adorable) Rowan]
Rowan sure can move quick when one of her stunts goes wrong!  Museum Putty was a true lifesaver for me and I can't express how grateful I am that I decided to give it a shot one day and add it to my shopping cart when I purchased it from you.  Not every hobbyist can afford the glass encased curio shelving that safely keeps our models and even in those cases a tippy model can still fall.  Given the low cost versus how many models it can protect, this stuff should be a must in the model horse collecting world.  If my story can save someone else's herd in the future then share away.  With just over 60 models with at least three points of Museum Putty per model, I still have about a fifth of a package left and the proof of what it can do is now history.
~ Amanda
Thanks for sharing, Amanda!  I use Quakehold Museum Putty both at the store and in my personal collection.  There is a rock quarry less than half a mile from us, and when they dynamite, our entire house shakes.  Since I first bought Quakehold in 2013, I haven't had a single model fall or tip.  I use it in conjunction with Horse Racks for particularly tippy or expensive models for additional protection.  Quakehold doesn't damage models or surfaces, can be removed and reused, and is just the star of the show, along with the Horse Racks.  And that's whey we carry both -- I swear by them!

Order Quakehold Museum Putty here

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Rowan’s still naughty, still absolutely adorable but my growing herd, well over 100 now, is still safe from her late night machinations. Except the Metal Horse, she managed to break his tail again!

Rowan's Mom

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