Collection: Horse Racks: Protect Your Breyer, Stone and other Precious Models!

Triple Mountain is the exclusive source for incredible Horse Racks.  These telescoping racks are specially designed BY A COLLECTOR to protect your models and keep them from falling.


Horse Rack Safety Stalls for Breyer and Peter Stone Models Available at Triple Mountain


Made in the USA by Kristen and her dad Jeremy, Horse Racks came into being after a catastrophe in Kristen's show string at a model horse show.  The sound we all dread:  Dominoes!   After the show, they went home and started working on "safety stalls" to protect models from suffering the same fate.  The result are Horse Racks, made entirely by Kristen and her family to protect your models.

Horse Rack for Breyer and Peter Stone Models - Made in USA - Triple Mountain Exclusive


At home, Horse Racks help protect against earthquakes, slamming doors, and mischievous cats. The clear, soft shields over each post insure that your models won't be scratched by the racks.

For showing, each rack features a telescoping design so they shrink down for easy transportation, and you can even take the posts off if you need them to lie flat for storage.  Easy reassembly (or the ability to carry it around fully assembled) means you're ready to start setting up your horses in no time.

Horse Racks for Breyer Stablemates and Stone Chips Models to Prevent Fall Damage


Each rack holds six models, and unlike imposters, these are all manufactured and assembled in the USA by a family business, so you can be proud to use them and show them off.

  • Traditional / Classic size fit nearly all 1:9-scale and 1:12 scale models, including Breyer, Peter Stone, Blue Ribbon, etc.
  • Stablemates Size fits 1:32 scale models like Breyer Stablemates and Stone Chips perfectly.


We often sell out of racks, as collectors quite often buy a bunch at once.  We love that! 

If we're out of stock, you can be sure that Kristen and Jeremy are making more as fast as they can for us.  During out-of-stock events, we'll change the title of each rack we're out of to say "Advance Sale" so  you'll know there will be a wait (usually a couple of weeks), but we'll ship your order as soon as more arrive.  Putting in your order while they're out assures you'll be one of the first to receive some from our incoming load before they sell out again.

Kristen and Jeremy - Makers of Horse Racks for Breyer Model Horses

Jeremy and Kristen thank you!

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