Top Easter Treats for Animal Lovers - 2024

It's nearly Easter, and if you're groaning at the thought of candy-filled baskets, we have a much better suggestion.  Model animals are more fun, healthier, and last a LOT longer than candy!  Everyone loves animals, so no matter how old the folks are you're celebrating with, we recommend model animals for your fun Easter activities.


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Here are some of our favorites:


Egg-Size Treats

Breyer, Schleich, Safari, and CollectA all have animals small enough to fit into plastic eggs for a joyful egg hunt.  They'll be positively gleeful to open an egg and discover which furry friend is hiding inside.  After the hunt, the animals will continue to be part of their fun, and will be a great memory of the event.  For the photos, we used 6-ct. Jumbo Eggs that we found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25.

Some of the animals that fit nicely inside are:

Breyer Mini Whinnies and Pocket Box Animal blind bags

Breyer Mini Whinnies Unicorns at Triple Mountain

CollectA Box of Animals - Groups of tiny animals all in one package

Safari TOOBS - Groups of tiny animals all in one package


CollectA Box of Farm Animals at Triple Mountain   Safari TOOBS at Triple Mountain


Schleich Ginger Bunny Rabbit

Schleich Lop-Eared Rabbit

CollectA Hedgehog

CollectA Shih Tzu dog

Schleich Sitting Cat, Grey Tiger

Schleich Ragdoll Cat (and all the house cats)

Safari Grey Squirrel w/Acorn


Basket Size Treats:

Breyer Stablemates make great basket treats.  Include colorful unicorns, realistic horses, or give them a fun activity with a paint-your-own horse or unicorn kit, which come complete with paints and a brush.

Breyer Stablemates Unicorns and Horses for Easter Baskets

CollectA, Schleich, and Safari have a wide selection of animals perfect for baskets as well.  Schleich also offers some great playsets, like 

Rabbit Hutch with Bunnies

Schleich Rabbit Hutch with Bunnies at Triple Mountain


The "Big Treat":

If you like to include a big gift at Easter, Breyer offers great models at the medium 1:12 Classic scale, and large 1:9 Traditional scale.

Our Easter favorites for 2024 are:

Classic Love and Hope - Limited Edition Unicorn Mare and Foal Set

Classic Rainbow Unicorn

Classic Warmblood Mare ~ Neapolitan (ice cream-themed)

Classic Keep The Peace, Tie-Dye Unicorn #62060

 Breyer Unicorn and Horse models for Easter


Traditional Equidae, Rainbow Horse with Hidden Horse ImagesBreyer Equidae Rainbow Hidden Images Horse for Easter


Traditional Color-Shift Blue/Purple Sparkle Unicorn ~ Neptune

 Breyer Neptune Color-Shift Unicorn for Easter at Triple Mountain


LEGO Fans have lots of great options, too!

LEGO Minifigures blind bags  fit into jumbo eggs, and small sets are perfect for baskets.  We have a great selection in-stock, ready to ship!

LEGO Disney Minifigures at Triple Mountain 









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Instead of candy, give them something they'll enjoy for years to come!

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