2022 Holiday Horse - Foundation Morgan ~ Snowbird

2022 Holiday Horse - Foundation Morgan ~ Snowbird


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The 2022 Holiday Horse is a gorgeous fellow, outfitted in a rich, elegant holiday costume of blues and golds.  The trotting Foundation Morgan wears a grey coat and is adorned in a textured breast collar, brocaded saddle and headdress, all dripping with jewels, and is the first Holiday Horse in many years to not wear a bridle.  He brings holiday cheer at liberty, not needing guidance.  He carries holiday flowers and greenery to help you brighten up your home for the holidays.  This is a single-year release for the holidays of 2022.  Snowbird sports a shaded grey coat that ranges from near-black to snowy white. 

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store, in their sealed boxes. 


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #700125

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