Arabian ~ Red Morgaine - OOAK (repaired tail)

Arabian ~ Red Morgaine - OOAK (repaired tail)

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This stunning mare is a factory one-of-a-kind with a long forelock and added leg veins.  She is described as being done in the color "Ruby Keno."  She has faint blue interference paint that really only shows in her shading when the light hits just right, so it's not obnoxious. 


This beautiful mare has a repaired tail.  It's not perfectly repaired, so you can see the crack all the way around it.  It feels solid, but repaired parts often come off in transit, so be prepared to reattach it on arrival.  Other than that, she'd be considered Factory Mint and beautiful, with soft highlights at her flanks, painted whites with the correct (cream) undertone so they look realistic, muzzle pinking, and blue eyes, all under a lovely, glossy finish. Photos just don't do her justice - She'll get "Wow"s everywhere she goes!

If you want to make arrangements with a restoration artist, put her on Hold at checkout and then you can let us know what address to ship her to and pay for shipping after you've found your artist.  She's such an eye-catcher that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend having her restored.  I would expect her value to increase by around 50% if restored.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #: none

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