Arabian Stallion, Chestnut - VARIATION: Very Light Color

Arabian Stallion, Chestnut - VARIATION: Very Light Color


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This fellow is from the first release of single Little Bits-sized models in 1984.   This color was discontinued in 1988.  He is done in warm chestnut with darker mane and tail and four solid legs.

He is Factory Mint with the usual molding issues:  a tiny gouge in his left barrel and a plastic goober on his nose, both of which were factory painted over.  He is so light colored!  He's the lightest we've seen, more like the body color of a red dun (body color only, no dun markings), with a chestnut mane and tail.  His body is so light that he highlights almost to white on his chest.  He wears a matte finish but with semigloss on his mane and tail. What a beautiful variation!


Size:  Little Bits

Breyer Model #9001

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